1 hour ago, 7 yrs ago, a treasure was born!

IMG_0813  IMG_0006

This day always strikes me as remarkable. It signifies when I first became a mom. The first day in hospital, holding my sweet bundle with the sunlight filtering through the window. Tangible moments in my mind that I will never forget.

We are truly blessed to share our day with such a remarkable teacher as Ruth Ker, and a fantastic group of children. My eyes welled up and watered listening to the Waldorf birthday story of how Daria came to earth. You can see the children above as they collect up the “wishes” (little stars they each place in the blue pond). Several children openly said “I love you Daria” as they placed their star in the pond.


Daria melted into my lap as her teachers shared what kindness they see in her, how she seems to know just what to do to help her classmates, how she shares so much love for her family and talks about us so much. The 14 beautiful little children held themselves softly, listening, mesmerized by the words and sentiments… and Ruth held up the drawings each child made for Daria and showed each around, naming the child who had drawn the picture. When one child’s name was not mentioned she said “where’s mine?” and looked genuinely disappointed to be told she had not been there that day to make one (they also invited her to make one and add it in!).

IMG_0007 IMG_0010

I am always deeply touched how these beautiful people seem to hold the space so I can feel my child deeply, and have a tear, for the blessed soul that graces me each day. And is growing! Even after 7 years this simple celebration still means the world to me.


One thought on “1 hour ago, 7 yrs ago, a treasure was born!

  1. Happy beautiful birthday Daria. We thought of you all weekend as we ate leftover birthday cake, placed our hands in the earth and playing in a shrub fort. We love you! Thanks to your mama for sharing these photos of your special seventh birthday.

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