Transplants and growing…

The other night, after 8pm, Kurt decided it was time to transplant our wee seedlings who were suffering in their small boxes… we brought earth inside (a previous faux pas for my clean-inclined hubby!), and away we go…

IMG_0727 IMG_0728

We have another little seedling who is moving onto a bigger room… and yesterday, she got to have a sneak peek at the Kindergarten class for next year:

IMG_0733 IMG_0734

It was so lovely to have all 3 sitting with me around the table again, kneading dough, and all 3 playing away in the class, as they did 2 years ago in Miss Barbara’s lovely room!


I had a friend and blog follower today comment that it looks like I have a “picture perfect” life…

Our kids are beautiful, and wee, and on the road to becoming more mature… We want them to express their emotions, and be able to be emotional in our presence, but they seem to often pick challenging timing and loud volumes! We believe in being patient through the hours, days, weeks,… years until they mature and are able to more appropriately express their emotions.

In the meantime, it is so hard, in every moment, to know exactly what to do… what is the top priority? How do I accomplish that?! How can I balance providing good conditions for each one’s unfolding development, and maybe touching on my own needs or the day to day needs (laundry, cooking)? It is a constant puzzle. We often also wish we could have a hidden camera in our house and share some of the more stark realities we face each day!! It is too hard to describe out of context. I do share pictures that are wonderful and lovely… I guess I am not one to focus on the cup being half empty… but I do struggle… as do most parents, no!? And, yet, I will continue to share all the wonderful things in life, because really the cup is very full to overflowing – its all how I look at it!

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