Goat Day

Today was a goat day. We visited San Sujo farm, just a few kilometers from our house. The lovely farmers Susan and Craig were so kind and welcoming, our kids just had a super special time touring around with friend William, visiting from Cypress Mountain.

IMG_20140421_143319 IMG_20140421_143755 IMG_20140421_152949

Susan’s love for breeding these special little fainting goats, for all kinds of different qualities, was pervasive. She sells them at $200-2000 a piece, depending on how close she can get the goat to have all the desirable characteristics. She also enjoys breeding her miniature horses, although she is tempted to only breed goats… they are so smart!

IMG_20140421_152959 IMG_20140421_152934

Thank you Marnie, Phil, and Jocelyn for setting up this opportunity to visit your friends and their lovely 20 acres. We so much enjoy meeting more “neighbors” and will consider the chance for Daria to experience one of the miniature horse camps this summer – each child gets matched up with 1 particular horse for the week… Daria was just thrilled with this idea! And the horses (though you can’t ride them) are just the right size for her to manage!





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