It’s a water day!

IMG_0527  IMG_0525


Yesterday was a chocolate lovin’ day. Made 2 x 8″ flourless cakes with the recipe scanned below… even got to use one to celebrate a fellow momma’s birthday today in an impromptu way… FUN! It turned out more mousse-like than cake like… in fact I had to leave it in the oven (350F) for over an hour to harden up a bit… even then I turned the oven off and let them sit in there until the oven completely cooled off. Delicious. I used homemade almond milk, but I’m sure you could substitute whatever… I am tempted to try coconut oil but didn’t want to take the gamble!

Just don’t walk away and burn the butter like I did… and you’ll be alright! : IMG_0528

Anyone have a use for burned butter?!? Shows where my mind is… scattered!

Today’s a 20 degree sprinkler day!!! yahoo!! I have 2 water babies and a sun bather. Ahh.

IMG_0532 IMG_0530 IMG_0533  img044

Sorry no photos of the finished cake… was a bit of a crackled looking top… ate ’em too fast! Next time!





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