We are having a lovely Spring Break… I deeply appreciate this sunshine and time with my children. They have not had yearning to leave our yard and home… they make forts, share, talk, play, climb, run, dig… and I feel at times a reason I send my children to school is so they can have Spring Break! What a glorious time to unwind and dig into this new season. The girls share a lot about what they do in their school:

– Janelle’s class blows kisses to the students who are away that day
– Daria’s class’ various skipping songs and songs for “magic tricks” (fingerplays)


As we grow our little seedlings, I remember back when I first had babies a fellow mom saying to me “what I never realized when I had babies was that I would create a whole community in my home”. Rings true these days… and since I LOVE living in community, it works really well for me. Having to discuss, compromise, understand, share, love, cry, scream, and always come together in relationship is what life is about.

Today we had some “firsts” including: Daria’s first time hanging by feet alone on the monkey bars, one of Janelle’s first times going all the way across the monkey bars on her own, and Stefan’s first time stretching, reaching (falling a few times on his belly) and finally grasping those bars and giving a little swing of his own.

Growth. Transformation. Potential. Richness.

IMG_0509 IMG_0508 IMG_0518


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