The West Coast

We were blessed with an amazing trip to the west coast – Ukee (Ucluelet) this weekend. Two nights in the Elephant Cottage – best part was it was 2 nights for the price of one!!

I hadn’t been over there in April for years… I was so incredibly, pleasantly surprised and moved! It was fairly warm. Quiet. Empty actually, compared to summer. Of course, there is always ample space on these beaches:

IMG_0218 IMG_0168

It should come as no surprise that the very westernmost coast of our beautiful country is so majestic. And, yet, every time I step onto these beaches my heart sings a new tune. I think the rugged coastline, fresh sea air, sound of the waves lapping up… they all meet me wherever I happen to be, at whatever point of my life. Penetrating to the core of my being, the essence… where there is nothing extra, no distractions, no tension… just peace. Openness. Stillness. I feel my 3 little ones each had remarkable experiences:

IMG_0195  IMG_0122 IMG_0137 IMG_0368 IMG_0134  IMG_0385

Whether sunny and slow gusts of wind, or clouded over-drizzling-and blowing, not a one of us ever asked to leave the beach!

IMG_0206 IMG_0361

We also really enjoyed a 1km walk in a bog – where 100 yr old trees are so stunted in their growth they remain quite small. Fascinating landscape. In my 400+ photos, these just didn’t make the cut. I couldn’t soak this experience up enough. I felt these spots as so remote, so removed from day to day life… I was transported to another world. Refreshed.

IMG_0222 IMG_0118  IMG_0377 IMG_0194 IMG_0183 IMG_0354 IMG_0148 IMG_0353  IMG_0405  IMG_0318

Of course, I cannot wait to go back!!



2 thoughts on “The West Coast

  1. Beautiful pics, looks like the weather was great! This has me all excited for our trip there leaving tomorrow 🙂 it is amazing how the Coastal energy replenishes the soul.. thanks for sharing.

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