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It was a hair-doing, dough eating kind of day. Both my girls head to the bathroom and “do” each others’ hair. Or Daria does most, I’m not sure. What I do know is this is quality time for them together, nurturing each other, playing with their own creativity in front of the 1 mirror in our house. They run from the breakfast table and treasure this time together (not all days…) and then dress for school, grabbing all their slickers (they have to wear rainsuits and rubber boots every day, rain or shine!).

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This is my favorite cookie dough of all time. Came from a vegan cookbook, so no eggs. Makes amazingly delicious, oh so chocolaty, and not so sweet cookies. YUMM! It was a great way to spend one of our last “ladies days” (Stefan finishes daycare this week!).

The Very Best Chocolate Chip cookies: 1.5 c rolled oats, 1 c whole spelt flour, 1c chopped walnuts, 1c semisweet chocolate or carob chips, 1/2tsp salt, 1/4tsp baking soda, 1/2c oil, 1/2c maple syrup, 2 Tbsp water, and 2 tsp vanilla. Stir together and bake at 350F for 12 min or so…


Transplants and growing…

The other night, after 8pm, Kurt decided it was time to transplant our wee seedlings who were suffering in their small boxes… we brought earth inside (a previous faux pas for my clean-inclined hubby!), and away we go…

IMG_0727 IMG_0728

We have another little seedling who is moving onto a bigger room… and yesterday, she got to have a sneak peek at the Kindergarten class for next year:

IMG_0733 IMG_0734

It was so lovely to have all 3 sitting with me around the table again, kneading dough, and all 3 playing away in the class, as they did 2 years ago in Miss Barbara’s lovely room!


I had a friend and blog follower today comment that it looks like I have a “picture perfect” life…

Our kids are beautiful, and wee, and on the road to becoming more mature… We want them to express their emotions, and be able to be emotional in our presence, but they seem to often pick challenging timing and loud volumes! We believe in being patient through the hours, days, weeks,… years until they mature and are able to more appropriately express their emotions.

In the meantime, it is so hard, in every moment, to know exactly what to do… what is the top priority? How do I accomplish that?! How can I balance providing good conditions for each one’s unfolding development, and maybe touching on my own needs or the day to day needs (laundry, cooking)? It is a constant puzzle. We often also wish we could have a hidden camera in our house and share some of the more stark realities we face each day!! It is too hard to describe out of context. I do share pictures that are wonderful and lovely… I guess I am not one to focus on the cup being half empty… but I do struggle… as do most parents, no!? And, yet, I will continue to share all the wonderful things in life, because really the cup is very full to overflowing – its all how I look at it!


Goat Day

Today was a goat day. We visited San Sujo farm, just a few kilometers from our house. The lovely farmers Susan and Craig were so kind and welcoming, our kids just had a super special time touring around with friend William, visiting from Cypress Mountain.

IMG_20140421_143319 IMG_20140421_143755 IMG_20140421_152949

Susan’s love for breeding these special little fainting goats, for all kinds of different qualities, was pervasive. She sells them at $200-2000 a piece, depending on how close she can get the goat to have all the desirable characteristics. She also enjoys breeding her miniature horses, although she is tempted to only breed goats… they are so smart!

IMG_20140421_152959 IMG_20140421_152934

Thank you Marnie, Phil, and Jocelyn for setting up this opportunity to visit your friends and their lovely 20 acres. We so much enjoy meeting more “neighbors” and will consider the chance for Daria to experience one of the miniature horse camps this summer – each child gets matched up with 1 particular horse for the week… Daria was just thrilled with this idea! And the horses (though you can’t ride them) are just the right size for her to manage!






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I have experienced the best thing about having time away from home, is coming home. For whatever challenges, discouragements, heartaches, or disappointments we feel – there really is (like Dorothy says!) no place like home.


Look at these anticipating faces! Such excitement for an unknown surprise. Can I always hold life tenderly, with such eagerness? Each day is a gift. This week has been a true blessing… so much open time, so much sunshine… here I am skipping through our developing “food forest” (so far asian pear, blueberry, red currant, garlic, wintergreen, comfrey, and still going…) in my new (free!) gardening dress:

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“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being” ~ Hafiz








It’s a water day!

IMG_0527  IMG_0525


Yesterday was a chocolate lovin’ day. Made 2 x 8″ flourless cakes with the recipe scanned below… even got to use one to celebrate a fellow momma’s birthday today in an impromptu way… FUN! It turned out more mousse-like than cake like… in fact I had to leave it in the oven (350F) for over an hour to harden up a bit… even then I turned the oven off and let them sit in there until the oven completely cooled off. Delicious. I used homemade almond milk, but I’m sure you could substitute whatever… I am tempted to try coconut oil but didn’t want to take the gamble!

Just don’t walk away and burn the butter like I did… and you’ll be alright! : IMG_0528

Anyone have a use for burned butter?!? Shows where my mind is… scattered!

Today’s a 20 degree sprinkler day!!! yahoo!! I have 2 water babies and a sun bather. Ahh.

IMG_0532 IMG_0530 IMG_0533  img044

Sorry no photos of the finished cake… was a bit of a crackled looking top… ate ’em too fast! Next time!






We are having a lovely Spring Break… I deeply appreciate this sunshine and time with my children. They have not had yearning to leave our yard and home… they make forts, share, talk, play, climb, run, dig… and I feel at times a reason I send my children to school is so they can have Spring Break! What a glorious time to unwind and dig into this new season. The girls share a lot about what they do in their school:

– Janelle’s class blows kisses to the students who are away that day
– Daria’s class’ various skipping songs and songs for “magic tricks” (fingerplays)


As we grow our little seedlings, I remember back when I first had babies a fellow mom saying to me “what I never realized when I had babies was that I would create a whole community in my home”. Rings true these days… and since I LOVE living in community, it works really well for me. Having to discuss, compromise, understand, share, love, cry, scream, and always come together in relationship is what life is about.

Today we had some “firsts” including: Daria’s first time hanging by feet alone on the monkey bars, one of Janelle’s first times going all the way across the monkey bars on her own, and Stefan’s first time stretching, reaching (falling a few times on his belly) and finally grasping those bars and giving a little swing of his own.

Growth. Transformation. Potential. Richness.

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