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I feel a lot of openings in our life. The other day we got a special package in the mail. Filled with smooth, shimmery, hand finished stones from our rock finding friend Desiree. We enjoyed the treat of opening up each little package, each one different, and reading a little note with an individual message for the child (and then us!) about how the rock was shaped up with just them in mind.

IMG_1057 IMG_1060

It is wonderful to think of the uniqueness of each person in our family. Above all, I think these stones will be a great reminder of our aim to nurture and embrace all parts of each child. Every one of us is separate and distinct, among the 3 generations we live and play with. My parents so much appreciated the rock sent with them in mind. Janelle had a hard time embracing how hers looked, reminding me sometimes we all struggle to embrace our own uniqueness. After some time and sharing of alternatives, Janelle came full circle to embrace the special stone that was sent just for her! May we all complete such a beautiful circle, embracing ourselves as we are.

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