Found you!

IMG_0003  IMG_0005

The Neufeld Institute Level 1 intensive course has begun! Today this meant that our friend Skyla came over to play! We started with hide and seek and it looks like amazing yard adventures followed, while Lesley and I sat with… Gordon Neufeld’s daughter!! While I wanted to hear a monologue on what it felt like to grow up in his home, she instead took us on a tour of the campus and introduced us to the start of the course material. What she did say was that Gordon certainly does walk his talk… his only downfall being a minimal amount of down time, for stillness.

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

That downfall resonated with me… I rarely seem to catch a breath these days. Today I was grateful for catching some rays on my parents’ deck and for an awesome massage/craniosacral session. As Spring comes I think I’ll aim to catch a little stillness.


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