Sicker than sick

IMG_1063 IMG_1065

What to do when our oldest is sicker than sick? Not moving, not talking, not walking.

All night achy. All day achy…. bringing on…

8.5 hours of the most full on motherhood on record: pile up and read books, puzzles, spoonfuls of honey, orange juice popsicles, car ride to rest, make cumfy resting spots (moments before this photo Stefan was pulling the blanket up over Daria’s head “putting blanket on”), pull out play cameras, play cell phones, heck even play with the toaster oven (yes unplug first!), look at baby books together, tell stories, rub tummies, dunk heads into baths (screams and all), spoon feed 6 yr olds applesauce… and pace around the house back and forth from child to child, too many times to count.

Grateful for singing Happy Birthday to special Grandma Sharpe. Grateful for tea and talk time with my folks in the afternoon. Grateful for my amazing husband on his way home now. Grateful for home brew red wine happy hour. Grateful we are all able to heal and recover from illness.


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