IMG_1029 IMG_1030

Towards our new growth… we planted some basil, cilantro, broccoli, and onion in our window boxes on Monday. Some light watering every 2nd day, and we’ll hope to see some sprouting shortly.

I have made 6 loaves of sourdough this week. I am becoming a sourdough nut. It is so tasty! wow. What else is energizing me these days… a book by Deepak Chopra’s son (pretty cool connections between dogs and humans as I contemplate the choice of our first family pet), pretty spring bike rides, moonlit soaks in my hot tub, hiking step in step with my Dad, and deep satisfaction out of vacuuming my house these days now that 400 sq ft of old carpet is in the dump! yah! I have never seen Kurt so committed to a project. Bless that man!

IMG_1033 IMG_1032


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