Memory Lane

Kurt and I both recognize what a joy it is to have a 2.5 yr old in our lives. Isn’t being 2 the GREATEST!?!?

I took a walk down memory lane today and found these from Sept 2009:

IMG_1440  IMG_1435

These from January 2012:

IMG_4439 IMG_4716

And these from this month…

IMG_2388 IMG_1059

We are so enamored by seeing the sparkle in each child’s eye, the expressions, and how their unfolding personality at 2 yrs old shapes who they become… amazing!

IMG_4188 IMG_0536


Simple things

And then sometimes it is the simplest of things, like your husband taking your child to school on the way to work:


Like worms bigger than your hand:

IMG_0055  IMG_0058

And playing dress up with hearts and minds open.






Spring Quesidilla anyone?

“Do not attempt to look too far ahead or make plans too far ahead because if you do, they may all have to be changed. It would be best to allow everything to unfold, and you will find it will happen at far greater speed than you can imagine.”

IMG_0034 IMG_0038

A friend sent me that quote yesterday. This week I have made no menu plan. I have not done much grocery shopping since last week. Each day, I just take a look at what I have, and allow the ingredients to come together… this was one creation: corn tortilla quesidilla with chickpea spread, plentiful avocado, sauteed veggies, spinach, and cheese, topped with tomatillo salsa (and pickles for the kids). They went over like hotcakes!

IMG_0029 IMG_0026 (2)

Things are sure unfolding rapidly here… the grass is growing, Spring is upon us, Diana has a new dog walking job (taking out a canine friend Churro from down the street 3 mornings a week!)… and a bigger chunk – she is considering the opportunity to lease some therapy space 3.5 km from our house, 1 km from our kids’ school. Starting in August, she would share this space (part-time access). It is a literal indoor playground for children. All set up and ready to go… door open. Calling to the entrepreneur in us… come in!

It seems the only constant here is change.



IMG_1050  IMG_1055

I feel a lot of openings in our life. The other day we got a special package in the mail. Filled with smooth, shimmery, hand finished stones from our rock finding friend Desiree. We enjoyed the treat of opening up each little package, each one different, and reading a little note with an individual message for the child (and then us!) about how the rock was shaped up with just them in mind.

IMG_1057 IMG_1060

It is wonderful to think of the uniqueness of each person in our family. Above all, I think these stones will be a great reminder of our aim to nurture and embrace all parts of each child. Every one of us is separate and distinct, among the 3 generations we live and play with. My parents so much appreciated the rock sent with them in mind. Janelle had a hard time embracing how hers looked, reminding me sometimes we all struggle to embrace our own uniqueness. After some time and sharing of alternatives, Janelle came full circle to embrace the special stone that was sent just for her! May we all complete such a beautiful circle, embracing ourselves as we are.


Found you!

IMG_0003  IMG_0005

The Neufeld Institute Level 1 intensive course has begun! Today this meant that our friend Skyla came over to play! We started with hide and seek and it looks like amazing yard adventures followed, while Lesley and I sat with… Gordon Neufeld’s daughter!! While I wanted to hear a monologue on what it felt like to grow up in his home, she instead took us on a tour of the campus and introduced us to the start of the course material. What she did say was that Gordon certainly does walk his talk… his only downfall being a minimal amount of down time, for stillness.

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

That downfall resonated with me… I rarely seem to catch a breath these days. Today I was grateful for catching some rays on my parents’ deck and for an awesome massage/craniosacral session. As Spring comes I think I’ll aim to catch a little stillness.


Sicker than sick

IMG_1063 IMG_1065

What to do when our oldest is sicker than sick? Not moving, not talking, not walking.

All night achy. All day achy…. bringing on…

8.5 hours of the most full on motherhood on record: pile up and read books, puzzles, spoonfuls of honey, orange juice popsicles, car ride to rest, make cumfy resting spots (moments before this photo Stefan was pulling the blanket up over Daria’s head “putting blanket on”), pull out play cameras, play cell phones, heck even play with the toaster oven (yes unplug first!), look at baby books together, tell stories, rub tummies, dunk heads into baths (screams and all), spoon feed 6 yr olds applesauce… and pace around the house back and forth from child to child, too many times to count.

Grateful for singing Happy Birthday to special Grandma Sharpe. Grateful for tea and talk time with my folks in the afternoon. Grateful for my amazing husband on his way home now. Grateful for home brew red wine happy hour. Grateful we are all able to heal and recover from illness.



IMG_1029 IMG_1030

Towards our new growth… we planted some basil, cilantro, broccoli, and onion in our window boxes on Monday. Some light watering every 2nd day, and we’ll hope to see some sprouting shortly.

I have made 6 loaves of sourdough this week. I am becoming a sourdough nut. It is so tasty! wow. What else is energizing me these days… a book by Deepak Chopra’s son (pretty cool connections between dogs and humans as I contemplate the choice of our first family pet), pretty spring bike rides, moonlit soaks in my hot tub, hiking step in step with my Dad, and deep satisfaction out of vacuuming my house these days now that 400 sq ft of old carpet is in the dump! yah! I have never seen Kurt so committed to a project. Bless that man!

IMG_1033 IMG_1032