Food blitz

Some new play with food this past week… my first:

Almond Milk

IMG_2296 IMG_2297

Fresh Coconut – pieces flew as I tried to cleave into this impossible beast!

Purchase of a cow! (see her fresh milk in large jar above)

Egg-yolk based homemade ice cream (incorporating the fresh coconut!)

IMG_2290 IMG_2303

For some reason we have had impromptu menus that have impressed:

Mile high quiche with cilantro-pumpkin seed dip, yam fries, salad, followed by home made ice cream


And last night, with the foodie friend of my youth: warm vegetable salad with sesame dressing on a bed of spinach with brown rice, sauteed bok choy, followed by blueberry crumble! Too bad Charlie-bear was too little to taste the medley. He has added sweetness to our house the last few days: IMG_2311

I have also been reminded of all the hard work, attentiveness, and unpredictability of that first year in the world. It has been awesome to share, reconnect, and ponder all of life’s complexities with N – my friend of TWENTY FIVE years!! Crazy. I think this visit was a great springboard to more adventures to come!


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