Boys are…

There are several stereotypes around male children… I have been aware of this, and avoidant. I find Stefan edges towards the ever calm, and oh so linguistic side. He is quite sensible. A great imitator of his older sisters. He handed me the hairbrush and spray in conditioner and said “do hair mommy”. Turns out he wanted braids:

IMG_2263 IMG_2266

A boy’s first braids. Tiger man shared he has never had braids in his hair. I guess we should have braided it before he cut it off in January! In other ways, the male child stereotype comes out… We have had Tonka trucks (dumper and excavator) since Daria was wee. They have sat idle in our backyard, shed, house, various places… and we have kept them just to give opportunity to the girls. They do not touch them (unless we initiate this and join in the play). Nor the rail set nor the road set nor the play cars…

Stefan… he takes tractors to bed like babies. Sometimes he takes baby dolls too, or instead. He puts a blanket over the excavator at night time and parks it beside his crib. He likes to drive the excavator on the table after meal time… it is near & dear to his heart:

IMG_2255 IMG_2237

As for the girls, they continue to be inspired through their dollies. They try to identify car makes on the road, like Stefan can… but they often mistake a Ford for a Honda,… where Stefan can pick out an Odyssey, Matrix, and Prius – always in the exact hue that matches one of our dear friend or neighbor. He is NEVER wrong. Amazing.


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