Sense and Sensitivity

After 43 hours without ‘tiger man’ (yes that was his Dad’s pet name for him as a boy), I have become acutely aware of the beauty of my children. Yes, its true. They are wonderful beings. They happen to have a LOT of energy, and it is hard for me to keep up. They happen to be completely unpredictable, and it is definitely hard for me to cope with and live with that 12+ hours/day. But they are lovely, its true.

Approached with sensitivity, my children are amazing. They make no sense. That’s our world – rationale, thinking, adult minds. Tempered emotions (yes I’m sad, but its also true I’ll feel better soon). They remain simple. Loving. Eager. Open. Creative.

IMG_2196 IMG_2202

And, yet, overwhelmingly reckless. Making me streeeeeetch incredibly to meet 3 of them where they are, minute after minute, day after day… to live with abounding feeling. This week I’ve been aware of letting the feeling permeate me, instead of being “on top of” things. Sure, have a bowl of sprouts and salt for dinner. Sure, stay in the shower until you are prune-y. Sure, cry your heart out because Papa’s away… sure, sure, sure.

IMG_2206  IMG_2200

I sure have a lot to learn.


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