Famine and Feast!

In our house this week we fought some nasty bugs. 2/3 kids have been down for the count and required constant 1:1. It was good timing that our new Vitamix arrived by Purolator… Kurt used his VISA points to buy this for me for Christmas:

IMG_2162 IMG_2165

After the famine of illness, we feasted on new smoothies, and picked up a new 4-level stoneware sprouter from a friend! There’ll be some new creations afoot in my kitchen… send your fav Vitamix recipes my way! Paralleling my food life, as often happens, I have had a famine professionally! I was forced to give up my biggest contract (the one we were relying on for most of our 2nd income) as the company restructured. That was a kick in the teeth. The highlight was the company 1) gave me notice over email, and 2) gave me notice 3 days before the change takes effect. How tacky!

Shortly after the initial crush, scraping my sorry self up off the floor, I got a call from a new referrer who is so excited to refer not one, not two, but THREE children for me to be involved with – the first tomorrow!!! I had not heard from this agency for over 6 months. My very next call was from a respected colleague who saw an ad I ran in a local magazine, and she sparked some brand new, close to home ideas. I have to keep reminding myself to just hop on for the ride of self-employment…. its all new to me!

IMG_2174 IMG_2185

Good thing I am going to see Gordo talk IN THE FLESH tonight!! How inspiring is that going to be?!?!? Neufeld is my parenting hero. Put down all other parenting advice, books, and paraphernalia and pick up one of his books, courses, or DVDs… he’s dialed in to 2014.


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