Happy Birthday


For Kurt’s birthday, he celebrated with a hot tub filled with 1 other gentleman, a little boy, and 8 little girls. There is a family who joined us for our 5-family potluck that just moved from Japan last year. Now THAT is a big move! Different language, culture… no one in either of their families has ever left Japan. Incredible. Inspiring. And, their pregnant! Their 2nd girl will be born in Canada.

The icing on the cake was amazing… lift off the solid part of the cream from 3 cans of coconut milk (use the remainder in a curry!), whip it up with a bit of maple syrup (doesn’t need much) and place in fridge for a while before the party… voila! Everyone LOVED it. Dairy-free whipped topping. Better than icing, ice cream… so rich & satisfying. Just dollop onto individual servings of cake, waffles, the list goes on…



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