Sea Life

IMG_2097 IMG_2101

There really is no place like home. One mommy described in our class parent evening this week how no matter what chaos is going on around her, if she can just take a moment to look into her children’s eyes… she draws the most energy there. From family. Riding bikes fills up our family’s buckets. This week we were 5/5 on riding our bikes to school. I am thinking with Daria’s endurance it is not long until we head to Saltspring Island on a wee family bike adventure. Today was also one of those incredible, sunny coastal days. I can see why people love the sea:

IMG_2104 IMG_2147

Yes, those are my 3 children waaaaaaaaay out there… they were so eager, they left me behind. And I thought it so cute how Daria somehow traded boots with a classmate today… of course the classmate’s boot is now filled with sea water and sand!!

IMG_2134 IMG_2145

The smallest sand dollar I have EVER seen. Doesn’t even cover her fingertip. She has a knack for wee treasures.

IMG_2120 IMG_2137

This guy will have his roots in the ocean. He even thinks he can do chalk drawings here.

IMG_2123 IMG_2130 IMG_2111IMG_2107 I think I might just be learning to love this place… it has become the best nest. Even for just one day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. One day, one moment, one breath at a time.


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