Highs and Lows

IMG_2079 IMG_2084

I remember one thing I liked about being a student was that my year was cyclical – classes, final exam periods, then a BREAK! YAH! I’m a pretty steady person, and I enjoy the intensity of exams and the deep breath that follows.

I try to enjoy the highs and lows of parenting… but it comes less naturally to me. I have to constantly remind myself these are irrational little beings – do not even try to reason with them! They are also energetic – don’t try to keep up! But oh, how I try…

I find my almost 7 year old can usually be there when I need her. My 4 year old brings me painted rainbows when I have a moment of exhaustion. And my 2 year old is full of giggles. Everyone just gives what they can… and that must be enough!

I must admit some 10% (or less) of the time, I find it is NOT ENOUGH!!!! For example, I go absolutely mental when being pinged in the back of the head with cereal and carrot tops while driving. My hands are tied (quite literally). I cannot digest this and react sensibly. I fall short. Some of my other triggers are being shouted at from the other end of the house, having every toilet paper roll I put on completely unrolled… and constant reporting about what the other children in the family are doing. I am well aware! And, tend to ignore for a reason. I can’t stand complaints being broadcasted!!

IMG_2088 IMG_2082

And moments later, it is gone for them. And so it must be for me. These beautiful, in touch, eager, flowy little beings… I must learn from them! Just, let it go… move on… grab a cuppa tea with a friend. And make myself smile, instead of screaming.


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