Why Blog?


Recently my bosom buddy put out this question… always a great question-asker, JJ and I have shared a vast amount of treasured experiences the past bunch of years, and one thing I have learned is her questions often lead to new insights. I don’t get asked a lot of questions these days. When I do, I’m not sure people really want to hear the answer. JJ always wants to hear it. Just like her mom. I head-hunted this friend. And I got a gem.

So… I digress, why DO I blog? Initially I thought – I have no idea! I have no real purpose in mind. Even though I believe in purposeful living, sometimes I just blog for no particular reason. Then I realized – it is an incredible process. IMG_2033

1. I believe this time of my life is truly the best. It is too good not to share. Look at these faces? I struggle each day to find ways to share all the blessings I find myself surrounded with. I wonder – can people see, feel, and absorb the joy here that Kurt and I do?? If not, I hope you can meet us halfway… not everyone can have a 2, 4, and 6 year old… so I am here to share that it is absolutely fantastic! IMG_2027

2. I believe each day is an invitation. I accept it. I show up. Even though my life is full of poop (literally!), screaming matches, tattle-tales, laundry piles, chaos, frustrations, and over stimulation… I make the choice – show up. I give what I have, in that moment. I am open to learn what I can that day. And I love it, I do. A great friend and past room mate and I used to nod and agree life is ALL about loving the day-to-day.

3. Blogging also helps me process and understand that just showing up is okay. My days are not full of international travel, outstanding meditations, huge achievements, or deep personal insights. My days are usually nothing to “write home about” (as I did when I cycled across Canada for example!). And as a recovering type A, I must remind myself this is A-OK (though, secretly, I am tempted to join my cousin in this race 2018!).

4. Blogging helps me realize I have options, not just opinions. I am very much by nature a whimsical being (ask my sister for stories!). I have many memories of whimsy… and not many that focus on pain, strife, or weakness. Actually in highschool my whimsical slogan was: “NEVER let your opponent know your scared” and we’d apply this to many hilarious situations… laughing our faces off with no seriousness involved! Only whimsy.

5. As a busy mom of 3 young children in a brand new place… blogging has become a way to reach out from my day and touch someone. Even though I live on an Island, I don’t wish to live as an Island. I will do anything in my power to avoid this. Blogging included. I love anything in the arena of how incredible being together is. Just being.

6. Things matter to me. I don’t want to stop at just thinking about them. I want to share. People don’t always want to listen. I get that. I figure as I blog about just “showing up” for my day, this will be contagious in some way. Perhaps you as a reader will be inspired by some snippet or will pass on something to someone else… or perhaps not. That’s okay too. I’ll still think… why keep this to myself when I can share it? I have more chances being heard with a “readership”… cuz (to be brutally honest) I’m not finding a ton of listening ears out there on the sidewalks of life these days… yet…

IMG_2017 IMG_2006

7. I don’t have many talents. I am not an artist or a musician. I cannot juggle or tell jokes. I cannot speak many languages or dance. But I can create something out of nothing with food. And perhaps a blog is in itself also a way to create something from nothing… to slowly over the years chronicle something that I can look back on one day and understand in the rear view mirror… to see better then where all this is leading to.

8. I have often searched for a sedentary past time. I tried guitar. I do enjoy sewing. Knitting. But mostly, if you asked old room mates of mine (or my hubby!) they would tell you I am in constant motion. A whirr of activity. Almost never utilizing my couch. Always multitasking. Blogging is a focus. A place of stillness in my day.

9. I am not a huge fan of FB, even though I have an account. I feel people on FB are exposed to my musings whether they are looking for them or not, they just roll on out… and I find that so passive, and kind of junky like a tabloid or something (!). Blogging gives me an avenue to connect (however feebly) with those people I care MUCH about but cannot reach out in my day and physically touch. If you are a return reader, you are one of those people. In my imaginary neighborhood YOU live right next door.

10. I didn’t pick you, you picked me! Everyone loves invitations. Relationships (even blogging ones!) are never one sided. It takes two to tango. And I believe life is all about relationship. If you return, I am warmed. If you comment, you fill up my bucket.

I also believe life is about action. But I didn’t number this one because right now my “doing” is small. Calculated. And withheld. I am tentative. Tired. I can’t take on a lot outside my family of 5 + God. When I do it is with utmost care and easy, light steps… I sense I must be gentle with myself. And yet, I naturally want to LIVE BIG!!! So, perhaps my blog is my way to reach out from my current fish bowl and join the party of life.

Even in tough times, in such a gypsy year, my blog will archive all the many precious moments God has thrown my way. I hope each of my children can look back one day and smile. And know they were so loved. Admired. Engaged with. Scooped up and cared for. Treasured. Like a precious jewel. No matter what else life throws my way, loving you three is and always will be my favorite past time.


Now, my question… for the non-bloggers… why DON’T you blog?!?!

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