Trying new things…

IMG_1999 IMG_2001

This week I have completed 3 local hikes. Heart Lake. Cobble Hill. and today, Mt. Tzouhalem. After being here 9 months it is time to venture further than our local park and playground, and tennis court – Coverdale Watson Park… it is time to take some strides in the woods.


Even if I’m not feeling super ambitious in my new environment (yes, after 9 months it still feels new!), I think it is time to start “faking it til I make it”… get out, enjoy nature, explore, meet up with new people… I spent 1:1 time with 3 individuals this week, all moms, all different… real, face to face, interaction. Its time.

img031 IMG_2010

If you need a new adventure, try this dragon bowl tonight. It will not disappoint. Truth be told, I am going through a “food slump” – we are eating lots of soups, potatoes, and eggs around here… but yesterday I finally looked up some treasured recipes, and found this one I had made in 2011. It was a 3/3 – yah!


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