Creativity Abounds

We love creative energies of our little ones. This morning was a flowy, creative, everyone in their zone kind of morning. The look on Daria’s face says it all… she was SOOOOO positively thrilled with her creation of a cat on a chair with his own table & milk bowls:

IMG_1976 IMG_1977

I spent my morning on an interesting pursuit… the creation of bone broth. I haven’t cooked any kind of meat or fish for almost 20 years… and yesterday Kurt got some bison bones from our local organic grocer, so we could make the Sally Fallon inspired recipe our Naturopath recommended for Daria:

IMG_1981 Apparently this can simmer for up to 72 hours so now I have it in a crock pot on low… we are at hour 13. Daria tried some for lunch – she didn’t like it – so hopefully I can mix 1/2 c in here and there and see if it helps heal the “asthma” that GPs believe she has. Sorry folks, diagnosed with almost nil examination and no testing or referrals whatsoever. We can’t accept that. Distraught by our medical system, we will focus on any suggestion our Naturopath has, she even tried cupping therapy on her today – wowza the purple welts this creates!! BUT, no cough tonight! Our bodies are amazing. Maybe it was the time playing seaside today… I had no camera, but Daria’s face was alight with joy even when she got a “booter” playing in the water! IMG_1982 IMG_1984


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