Off season

IMG_1967 IMG_1968

I am still very much adjusting to living in a temperate climate where mid-January it is often 11 degrees, and I wear just a long-sleeve shirt quite comfortably. Our garden is mulching for the off-season… we have covered it with leaves, seaweed which had a big bloom in December, and some compost from my parents’ house which is happily lying in the blue garden bed, complete with lots of worms.

Today I had a unique opportunity. With Stefan having a daycare day but Janelle off preschool (gradual entry), I felt like keeping my little boy home to hang out. But, I ended up going with a pull to spend some quality 1:1 time with my middle lovely girl, JM.

IMG_1934 IMG_1947

We hiked Cobble Hill Mountain. I think my acceptance of my new surroundings will take shape slowly, and naturally, like the formation of a forest canopy. JM set a great example, stopping every so often in awe of the bits of moss, logs to walk along, “fairy houses” (dead stumps formed into all sizes & contours), puddles, and finally she said “I can’t walk any farther!” and I plunked her in the ERGO just 5 min from the top:

IMG_1964 IMG_1957

Such a special being. She walked delightfully for an hour along the meandering trail… we had a great adventure finding the “bear trail” that would take us around and back down to our van. Step by step, with rhythm, we found a new place for peace of mind and the slow discovering of a new, Coastal identity. Step by step. IMG_1962 IMG_1953  IMG_1936  IMG_1942


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