Yamming it up

Today my husband had his first haircut since we moved here. I think we both forwent haircuts (except for my self-cut in September) partly 1) because we didn’t have a stylist yet, but also 2) in protest to… something… just hanging back a bit, going slow with getting rooted, being intentional… and maybe sending a memo that to us, at this time of life, there is more important stuff to spend time on than hygiene. There just IS. Like… drawing, for example. Or if not that then laundry, cooking, making people connections.

Fuzz IMG_1898

Now I want your vote – bachelor #1 or bachelor #2?? Seriously – email, FB, call… do tell! I’m curious. As for me, I’m going to keep my mop going. I’ve been living here almost 9 months. Very aptly, I feel on the verge of a birth. Since this is the first time I have ever had a 2 year old but am NOT about to give birth, I experience this as very interesting. In my experience, when the baby is about 3-4 months old I enter the world again… so I will update you in April or May! For now, I enjoy the anticipation.

The best quotable quote today by J: “Mom, does EVERYTHING go in the dump?” (hmmm… good question!). The “is this really happening?” moment: Janelle throwing herself to the ground, yelling loud enough to wake the neighbors, and refusing to walk to the mailbox (for 1/2 hour!) because she could not get her chapstick out of her pocket. She had mittens on, and when I calmly explained to remove one and get the chapstick, this threw her into a higher frenzy. Stefan and I made the journey solo. The best recipe: Sweet potato, carrot, apple and lentil soup. The recipe is scanned, hope you can read it! Check my italics for changes I made. It was 3/3 for gobbling this up!! YAH!  img011

IMG_1895  IMG_1899

Soup: I did not hand blend it, as you can see. I did mash it a bit with a potato masher at the end. The onion & carrot I chopped fine, the yams in chunks. I used pear instead of apple (I had no apples!). I added 4c water and only 2c veggie broth. I added 1 c of sprouted beans in lieu of lentils (I did not have lentils!). I did add ginger… I love ginger! I skipped the chili powder and paprika and pepper! 


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