Play, Play, Play all Day

Our days are a mixed bag, but one thing is for certain – we play! Started today with Stefan handing me elastic after elastic, saying “put it in”… “and this one”…”and this one”… here is the result:

IMG_1865   IMG_1866

Today was Stefan’s first day of LaRonde Family Care on his own, and Janelle’s first day of preschool at Sunrise… it was a smooth as silk day. Smooth transitions, a couple hours of paid work for me, and a few hours of the afternoon to devote to just my girls. Pretty sweet. What did we do?

1) Made a play tent. Check out this link, it tells you all about how to do this. Took maybe 45 minutes-1 hour to put together. The girls did hand-stitching while I ran the machine. I think it will be hours of endless fun and creativity. Today it was a castle. Feels good to use some of the material handed down to me through the generations of family. Here it is hanging in our living room as we dismantle the tree:

IMG_1872  IMG_1876

2) Went for a bike ride. No photos of this at it turned into an epic bike-repairing mission (description  below if you are interested!).

3) We made CHOCOLATE chili. Yup, that’s right, we threw 1/4c chocolate chips into our chili. Just… because! Play.

We talked a lot today about the art of NOT complaining…. because, to complain is so easy… and in a family of 5 if each person spends an ounce of time at the complaint department… well, the department gets tired! I explained how sometimes we all need to let things we don’t like go (i.e. don’t voice them), so that we can make room for what we do appreciate and love: colors, smells, faces, raindrops, and goodness. Good job at preschool today Janelle – we love you!

IMG_1869 IMG_1871

Bike Repair Mission: Janelle aimed to ride the trail a bike which connects to my mountain bike, which surprise! a front flat. Instead of repairing it, I thought I would switch my seat post (trail a bike hitch is on the seatpost) with bike #2 . Only my seatpost clamp was seized. 5 min of cranking on that with a wrench… free! Only the seatpost did not fit bike #2. Moved on to bike #3 (took it down from the rack). Only it had a lock on it for which I did not have the combination. Back to repairing the flat. Got the tube out, only the wheel liner was wrinkled, which would have likely bent the next post and caused another flat… threw that wheel in the van. Back to bike #2, went for our ride, only with all 3 of us on separate bikes. Tried not to complain! Still got 1/2 hour on the trail in before heading to get Stefan, and visited the bike shop so we’ll be set for next week!


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