Look into the Eyes

IMG_1835  IMG_1836 Last week I went to a celebration of life of a really amazing lady. Nana Gwen, we call her… words do not do justice to the beautiful person she was. We so much enjoyed having her in our lives in Vernon. She was like a Grandma to our children, and such a light to everyone around her. At the celebration I was alone, but I got to bring back some marbles to place in our garden as Nana loved sunshine and gardens. I brought back 6 marbles, so the other day at the beach when I found them in my pocket, the children and I collectively decided to toss one into the ocean for Nana. Janelle had the first toss, and everyone decided it had not gone far enough… so Daria took the 2nd toss.

IMG_1837   IMG_1838

Maybe you can find where it landed? We will always find Nana in our hearts, and continue to think of her often. Especially when we see paddle boarders on the ocean and take out our green beach bag which she hand made for us. But even more, we will remember Nana as we intentionally look into the eyes of others around us in our new community and learn their stories. Venturing to strike a balance of strong community and enjoyment of solitude, like Nana did. We love you Nana! We miss you!

Today we were blessed with a visit to Marisa and Patrick’s, with children Khaya (Gr. 4) and Fiamma (Daria’s class). We so enjoyed jumping on their trampolines (one nestled in a barn), cracking ice on their pond, playing with magnetic marbles, and for Stefan oogling over Technic Lego creations. We appreciated chatting with the warm Marisa and Patrick over tea… and learning their stories. Powerful. Inspiring. Without a doubt people who live life fully, with seemingly endless love and affection.


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