Toe Nail Soup

Fever and nausea hit around noon I figure… low key day. If you are not familiar, here is what a sickly, resting, momma of 3 kids 6 and under looks like:

IMG_1774  IMG_1775

Foodie wise it was a low key day. Kurt chef-ed up all the meals, including chili from our freezer. We did go watch the polar bear where our neighbor Shane swam the furthest out – the end of the dock! Kurt is jazzed to join him next year. A couple funny moments to share today, too funny to head to bed without sharing.

1) Stefan is potty training. Though he does well with urine, when having a poop he usually hides, even saying “hiding” and shouting “no!” if we come near. Here is Kurt’s latest strategy – have him hide under a blanket while sitting on the potty!!  IMG_1776

I hope you find that as hilarious as I do.

2) After 8 days holiday it was a tidy, laundry, and nail clipping kind of day. FYI we have been talking about the health benefits of bone broth and debating adding some to Daria’s diet. While the clippers shed some large remnants, Daria picked each up, played with them (even though they were not hers!) and even commented “these are cool. kind of like bones….”. As I listened, and agreed, yes the nails actually share some of the same materials as bone, she came around to “i wonder if we could make toe nail broth… (pause) probably no one has thought of that yet”  IMG_1784

I love the innocence of my children at this age. If only we all could see the world so openly, with so few preconceptions. I truly treasure each day.


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