Simple New Year

IMG_1756  IMG_1755

We finished off 2013 with a simple meal. Fresh tomato, lettuce, pepper, avocado, veggie burger bites, and “the mighty tuber” (used a lot in our house in winter!). Then day 6 of our 12 days of painting. And finally a “Newfie New Year” Parade at 7:30:

IMG_1761 IMG_1760

We sent love, peace, and joy aloud to our friends the Canns whom we always celebrated this special evening with in Vernon. We saved crashing our gingerbread house until Epiphany, as this big guy was up on the mighty throne all night…

IMG_1764 Despite being dizzy, dehydrated, and having periodic sweats, I sent him off to work as he was the acting local manager this week… and I knew he could do it! Powered with a box of electrolyte solution he made it through the day, on the BRAT diet (Banana-Applesauce-Toast) and only ONCE being caught dozing his seat (!).


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