Thai Goodness

After 8 nights away from home, I enjoyed walking up my driveway and embracing all that is home. Hugs, clutter, little voices, and amazing artwork drawn just for me.

IMG_1731  IMG_1750

I was greeted warmly at the Victoria airport by my new friend L who promptly whisked me off for a thai dinner to avoid rush hour (victoria!) traffic. Learning about a new little hotspot in my neighborhood felt really good. Warm. Yummy. Red curry.

Having just spent the last 30 hours in Vernon, even though away from my family, I recognize in many ways Vernon feels more homey. I enjoyed my moments in a place with so much meaning. So much knowing. So much familiar. I am left incredibly thankful for my godchildren. My bosom buddies.

IMG_1733 IMG_1745

IMG_1746  IMG_1738

And I look forward to the unfolding pages of our new book. After celebrating a great life this weekend, and bunking into 1 room with 5 of my favorite people, I can feel tangibly that “everyday is extraordinary”. A new year. The year of the family. To be authentic. Balanced. Embrace simplicity, such as our new tradition of 12 days of painting as a family (Christmas to Epiphany). And the amazing play forts that can be made with simple 4 x 4 pieces of plywood. To love. Because that is what life here boils down to!

IMG_1727  IMG_1742


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