Ritual foods and ART

IMG_1720 IMG_1719 Here we are having sushi in the van from Fujiyama. All this sushi for under $30. Unreal! The fun things you can do in Vancouver! This was our sushi party that followed our 2nd annual visit to our Aunt Lynda’s art studio at 1000 Parker Avenue.

IMG_1724  IMG_1690


Stefan spent an amazing amount of time creating his masterpiece. Janelle tried out a new “multiple brush” technique with Aunt Lynda exclaiming “this is where genius is born”! And Daria thoughtfully created two amazing paintings…

IMG_1687 IMG_1677

IMG_1680 IMG_1700

Diana freely splashed leftover paint up on a canvas, with her sole purpose to use up all the unused paint before we cleaned up and left the studio for another year:

IMG_1695 IMG_1714

Waldorf education is “art infused with academics”. This annual event is an amazing way for our family to celebrate art, have a window into my sister’s new found talent (check out her story here), and experience playing with color together. I leave you with Kurt’s 5 minute masterpiece… what a feeling!IMG_1712


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