Christmas 2013

This year Diana had her last Christmas in her childhood home. The last time the stockings will be filled by St. Nick on the mantle where they have been laid for 29 years. I think everyone had a lot of emotion sharing this special space for the last time:

IMG_1998 IMG_1995

We celebrated this last year with some incredible “firsts”. Stefan enjoyed his first time playing with Kurt’s Grandma Dec 23. On Dec 24 we enjoyed caroling together with songsheets and instruments, and also “over the wire” with the Cann Clan in Kelowna:


Janelle enjoyed her first ever Candycane (btw made with cane sugar and no artificial anything). The girls enjoyed their first time filling the night sky with light, as we anticipated the coming of Christ (a gift from our new church – wow!):

IMG_2027   IMG_1980

And we had a blast in our outside playtime Christmas day, organizing Grandpa’s wood into “mangers” for Mary and Joseph… and having our first (annual?) family skipping event where Diana’s mom and sister got to share their skipping talents with Daria, whose current passion is skipping:

IMG_2030  IMG_2035

And, best of all, Santa left each of us a surprise letter in our stockings this year which sang the praises of everyone in our family – describing his or her own special gifts, year’s journey, and reminding us all that the joy of Christmas was in each of our presence and not the presents! What an incredible new tradition that made all the Gerties “booble” (and even quivered some chins of our partners!):

IMG_2007  IMG_2013


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