Y is for Young

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

Onto the 2nd side of our Advent bus, so 1/2 way through this season of Advent. Little d’s teacher has been preparing a LOT for this season. I cannot describe all the thoughtful, engaging pieces she has organized to build anticipation for “the child of light” (as they say at school) arriving! Through it all, she expresses great enjoyment of the young people in her class. Here is a beautiful quote from her latest newsletter:

“…the children as they find their way with sharing, co-operating, taking turns, being generous to others and truly finding love and companionship with one another. If we could harness the forces of love and productive enthusiasm that these children generate, then I’m sure we could create a better world.” She is so RIGHT! I feel that way at home too. Check out this dance show:

IMG_1493  IMG_1494

Can we as adults share, cooperate, take turns, be generous, and truly find love and companionship? Then we will stay young! And truly find health and happiness, as this amazing 13 year old describes (make sure to scroll down to find the You Tube video).

Here is a snapshot of the experiences that keep me young each day in our house:

IMG_1482  IMG_1485


IMG_1484  IMG_1487  IMG_1489

Dress Up (these 5 photos all happened in one play morning!)

IMG_1492 Pouring imagination and life into inanimate objects.

It is so easy with young children present, to be and feel tired, spent, irritated, irrational, and OLD! But this advent season I must choose to live into being young. Just like our daughter’s magnificent teacher, Ruth Ker.  ruthker_134x200 I am sure her experiences with these children over the last 30 years has made her one of the youngest people I know.


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