X is for Xpress

IMG_1470   IMG_1469

One of the intentions I have is to express myself – good, bad, ugly, magnificent… to feel what is. Look at these scenes of the ocean down in the bay here yesterday – magnificent!

This white building is the Clements Center that houses the Sundrops Child Development Center, where I’ve been working the past 4 months on Monday-Tuesday, running Pre K OT groups for kids born in 2009 who will enter school next Sept:

IMG_1471   IMG_1473

The 2nd photo shows the college next door. This video is a beautiful expression of this center. It has been magnificent to contribute to their programs!! I say goodbye this month, as another OT returns from mat leave in Jan.

Here are the kids when I picked them up from daycare yesterday… they were soooo thrilled with their snowmen. Joy!


And, if on the other hand I feel irritated or overwhelmed, I am now drawn to dig deeper and Xpress the more primary feelings of sadness, fear, and loneliness. They are so easy to shove deeper… but they are just as important to express as joy and magnificence!

Today – XPRESS!


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