W is for Welcome

I really think it is important to welcome people into our home. Life is busy, there are various priorities, but there is nothing like inviting people to share your space.

And what better purpose than to do some food or gardening related activity? Sure, we could have done this alone as a family today, but it was WAY more fun to invite others in. The first time we have invited neighbors and classmates and daycare mates over since moving here. I won’t lie – I became a bit nervous as the minutes ticked down… we turned up our heat for the occasion, prayed as a family, and greeted everyone outside. Then we got to work: IMG_1452  IMG_1455

By the end of the evening we were all better acquainted. Doesn’t that feel good? Especially with neighbors! I mean, we live right beside these lovely people (gentleman photoed solo and his family – the mom with babe in arms and little girl next to her), and they moved here all the way from South Africa 1 year ago! I hope we made you feel welcome. Welcome is wonderful word (a FAN-tastic kids book from the 80s by Gyo Fujikawa).

IMG_1465 IMG_1464 IMG_1462 IMG_1457

Daria was beaming putting on a puppet show with her classmate, who has a simply delightful spirit. Later, all ages of kids from 1 through 12 together created a “surprise” for the parents involving various combinations of climbing around in their bedroom and hiding under the bed. A delightful first evening together!

IMG_1460 IMG_1459

Thanks neighbors and new friends, for warming our home!

I used this site for the gingerbread house creation… I added 1/4 tsp cream of tartar to the icing. The dough is not the tastiest, but it does the trick and is easy to work with. I made the dough 3 days ago, made and baked the pieces yesterday morning, and put together our prototype this morning. Everyone brought 3-4 types of toppings… and in retrospect I perhaps should have built the base of their houses this morning as some did not end up being too solid and needed a lot of reconstruction, but it was all part of the experience!


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