T is for Treat

IMG_1284Ann came to visit this weekend. A near and dear friend, Ann and I have been through good times and really hard times together the past 14 years or so. We began as room mates at SFU. We traveled to Nepal together in 2000, where we fell in love with the slogan:

“EAT DESSERT FIRST. Life is uncertain”

This was posted in a desolate town, painted in awesomely compelling letters, and became a bit of a mantra! I still associate Ann with treats like Pain au Chocolat! Thus, we indulged in a visit to the bakery, eating our treats as we walked the docks to take in the sea lions:

IMG_1283  IMG_1278

Ann has the child-like ability to take utmost pleasure in the simple things of life like squawking sea lions. Her excitement and enthusiasm is contagious! Her empathy and compassion for others has also been proven as top notch over the years, in thick times. Now our boys play together! We are connected for life.




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