Q is for Quiescent

Being at rest. Quiet. Still. Inactive or Motionless.

Years ago, one of my goals was to find an activity I would enjoy doing that was quiescent. I chose guitar – I played for a while, I could even “noodle” and play sheet music. Then I dropped it. I tried my hand at meditation. I really wanted a hobby that was sedentary in nature. I have the habit of being in constant motion, and I felt I could learn a lot from stillness.

More than 7 years later, and I have learned to knit – but hardly ever sit down to do it (unless I can multitask by knitting while sitting in a course or meeting). I quite enjoy reading, but only manage a few minutes before dozing off (I was better when I was in a book club as then it felt like my “assignment” to read!!).

One thing I LOVE is being hot. I am hardly ever too hot, even in 3 wool sweaters! So, I think I have finally found my quiescent activity:


That’s me in our infrared sauna tube, borrowed from a friend this week. I could get used to this! I just love being cozy. And I am literally trapped, with a timer on for 1 hour. I cannot move (as you can see) and be distracted. I am learning to enjoy less stimulation and muscle activity. And I get to be warm while doing it!

Speaking of “less”, I really enjoyed this article. As we approach Christmas in our family, it seemed this author hit the nail on the head. We are so fortunate here in Canada. Grateful for all we have and looking forward to the relationships we will make in our new locale here on Vancouver Island.


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