P is for Party

We had many reasons to celebrate this weekend. First, my parents bought a house a 3 min walk from ours! Through a lovely little path, it will be a new beginning for us all. The best part is, they are so THRILLED! Fun to see my parents so excited:

IMG_1160 Second, it was Stefan’s 2nd birthday celebration. Here they are waking up on this exciting Sunday Funday:

IMG_1195 We hosted our first dinner party for the occasion, with friends Lesley, Geoff, their daughter Skyla, and Lesley’s mother Samantha, both sets of grandparents! Serving up corn, kamut, and wheat spaghetti, homemade Malbec wine, to go with all the ‘potluck’ contributions of the guests! Lesley helped me host, yay! (this is not my favorite role)

IMG_1860 IMG_1864

Lesley is a raw foodie extraordinaire!! Look at the cake she gifted Stefan for his birthday… it weighed 4.4 lbs!! Full of raw food goodness (recipe coming soon!):

IMG_1200  IMG_1201

Our first gathering in our livingroom, it was very warming.

IMG_1840  IMG_1844  IMG_1872  IMG_1875  IMG_1893 IMG_1833


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