O is for Organize

My girls love to organize. Mostly other people. Often each other. Right now in quiet time Daria is busy “organizing” a birthday party for when Stefan and Janelle wake up. Sometimes the synergy is amazing. Many times this desire to organize each other creates (as you can imagine) a few friction points!

Either way… these skills will serve them well one day! So far Stefan is often a willing participant. Here is Janelle organizing him a bed:


Let me tell you it is not the task that matters. It is HOW they go about this task – with such detail, description (out loud) and dedication and the LENGTH of time they spend doing each task. It is incredible. One day this week these skills served us (Kurt and I) very well. I actually cried of happiness. Read on for the story…


Daria, home from school with an outstanding cough, had a spark! Immediately, midday, she was sharing her idea with me (at mock speed without taking any breaths): “mom, at school they have table helpers and dish helpers. the table helpers clear the table while the dish helpers do all the dishes. the teachers choose who is who and you never know… if the dish helpers finish first they help the table helpers, but if the table helpers finish first they do not help the dish helpers. there is not enough space… mom, we should try this at home… (and she continued one with more details)”. I cannot keep up with most of these dialogues. My brain is just not fast enough and cannot process the amount of information each day that they come up with. There are usually lots of “and then”, “okay?” and “got it?” involved!

BUT, this time I caught the idea and she hooked me on one phrase “try it at home”. Most of the rest of the details I missed. Of course, we tried it! I chose Janelle as dish helper and Daria as table helper. They both attacked their roles with a FERVOR we have never ever seen:

IMG_1151  IMG_1152  IMG_1159

Eventually they directed Kurt and I to the couch to “just hang out”. We sat still and stared into each others’ eyes (so peaceful – it has been too long!) while they cleaned up from the entire dinner. And then when their proud little faces came into view I BURST into tears:


I think having a little more couch time with my husband could serve my emotional self very, very well. And I thanked you girls from the bottom of my heart. And cried. You overflowed my bucket.


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