K is for Kids

“For all of your life, make this your goal: Think of the donut, and not the hole”. Here are my donuts yesterday while I was at work:


Swamped in the early years of child rearing, and deeply committed to this calling as well, I have found it takes great discipline to focus on what we as a family have, and take good care of that – whether it be time, talent, treasure… this focus becomes particularly lost when I cannot take a step without tripping over, kicking, or running into a plaything, fort, bit of craft material, laundry (dirty or clean), crumb… the list goes on!

This spurred me to take a poll on chores… here is one great reply I got: “Make a list of 6 things, mostly chores, one or two fun things like read a book… Then have them roll a die and they have to do the task that matches the number on the die. Set a timer for anywhere from 15-30 minutes and have them do the task, and then they roll again and switch tasks… Possible tasks: tidy room, tidy common areas of the house, do homework, read a book, put away laundry, empty/load dishwasher…”. This morning our “fun thing” was choosing someone and massaging their feet:


We set the timer for 10 min per task. If you were not finished the task in 10 min you could return to it (if you finished another one early). Only the girls rolled. Kurt and I engaged in our own (similar) “chores” nearby. Our tasks were: 1) fold clean cloth diapers, 2) take laundry down from clothes horse, 3) organize doll house, 4) spray fridge door, 5) organize play kitchen. Janelle rolled 2, 3, and giving a massage as in photo. Daria rolled giving a massage first (I was the recipient!) and then 1, and 4. She willingly gave the coveted 4) to Janelle, being the generous big sister she is – and she took on 5 instead. They were such energized and eager participants… and proud when done:


I like to think my life is all about food… really it is all about KIDS, and it is awesome to share my passion for food with my favorite treasures. Here is our picnic in the nearby cul-de-sac today:

IMG_0943 IMG_0946


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