J is for Jurassic

Food is primitive. It really is. At least in my world. Often when preparing food, I feel very cave-woman-like. A couple days ago, when making granola bars, I participated in a whole series of Jurassic type activities. First, here is the yummy granola bar mix, raw, and the original recipe (cooked):

IMG_0895  IMG_0905

In my world, adding extras to my day is epic. Not sure why. Could it be I have a 2, 4, 6 year old and no TV? Yesterday I decided to vacuum and make granola bars. Oh, and it was Halloween so we got costumes ready and carved pumpkins. EPIC.

Anyways back to Jurassic. Before I got started I set up Janelle with a pomegranate. Sure to keep her busy for 10 min at least:


Yes, she is juicing a pomegranate. Jurassic! Anything goes. After taking a few minutes to mix the ingredients together, I realize it is maybe not going to bind well. I split the batter into 3 and decide to try various things – 1) original recipe, 2) add peanut butter, 3) add rice syrup, to make them stick. Then I let Stefan lick off my hands (photo by Janelle):


Of course he decides he wants more, so I give him a bowlful:


Not cooked, but delicious! As he finishes 2 more helpings I get busy with parchment paper pressing the bars into the pans. I end up on all 4s on my kitchen floor. So much easier to flatten them that way!


I finally call ‘er quits on refilling Stefan’s bowl. Janelle is still happy with her pomegranates:

IMG_0901   IMG_0900

EPILOGUE: After this my little boy happily played in his crib for an hour (instead of napping), so energized was he… the kitchen was a mess. The peanut butter granola bars were crumbly. The ones with rice syrup were and are dynamite! Phew.

IMG_0911 IMG_0904  IMG_0907 IMG_0909


Market Lady Granola Bars (I fell in love with a $4 bar and decided to try to make them myself… here is the recipe I have used so far… let me know if you make it better or have a better one!): 2c oats, 1c crisp flake cereal (I didn’t have any so left this out this week), 1c coconut, 1c raisins/craisins/dried apricot, 1/2c sesame seed, 1/2c sunflower seed, 1/2c ground flax seed, 3/4c coconut oil (she used butter – try it if you like!), 1/2c honey, 1/2c brown sugar (better replaced by brown rice syrup i think!), 1/2 oat bran (or wheat germ as in her ingredient list), 1 tsp salt. Mix all together. Press into pan as shown. Bake at 350F until set. Your guess is as good as mine, I am still playing with these. Maybe 20 min?


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