H is for Honey

We love honey. It is great for baking, on waffles, in tea. Sometimes we eat it off the spoon:

IMG_0876 IMG_0875

Bees. Wow, what a wonder how this is made! Every drop is to be treasured. We much miss our experience driving to Armstrong to have our buckets filled by Reg and Diane. Or choosing the awesome Silver Star Apiary at $3/lb, antibiotic free! I have yet to find such a deal here. Recently our source went up to $6.50! I have recently been introduced to Manuka Honey. At about $25/jar it is not for your cooking/food shelves but for your medicine cabinet:

IMG_0878 IMG_0879

This brand is made locally here, and they folks who make it also share our daycare. Wow. Doesn’t get much closer to home than that. I haven’t really researched it completely but my friend C is sold, and that stands for a lot. She told me about it as I was in process of moving here… took me a while to get my supply. Now I can feel even BETTER giving my children honey on a spoon, especially when sick or low on immune function. The tea pictured here is my other “go to” when I feel a “niggle” (or worse!) coming on.

Ginger-Lemon Spiced Honey Tea (recipe from C): Grate a tsp or more of fresh ginger (skin removed). Put in a cup. Pour boiling water on it and let it steep. Then stir in a tsp or more of lemon juice (I use fresh or jar of organic), 1/4 tsp Turmeric, 1/4 tsp fennel (keep my milk supply up!) and a dash of cayenne (however much you can handle). Stir in a generous dollop of HONEY! yah! This is not at all appetizing to me when I feel well, but I GUZZLE it when feeling ill and it has served me well. Now my children enjoy the hot ginger-lemon (before I add all the other stuff I pour some off and divvy it up between the 3 of them before bed). Apparently the health benefits of turmeric are phenomenal. C even grates fresh Turmeric but I haven’t got that far yet!


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