E is for Earth

IMG_0813 IMG_0814

This is my new favorite plant. Wintergreen. It is a dynamic accumulator, a concept I was introduced to in my permaculture course… means a lot for sustainability. BUT, you can also eat the berries, and make tea out of the leaves & berries… and it is just a little crawler, keeps away the weeds, does not have deep roots (is not going to choke anything out, easy to rip out and then compost – and thereby adds a TON of nutrients back to your soil). It’s all about earth.

I went to a parent meeting for my daughter’s class this week… the topic reviewed was the Festivals of the year, that fall with the change of the amount of light at different times of year. With a focus on Fall I was introduced to a new concept – that the 12 days around Christmas and New Year the amount of light does not change much… holds steady, and then at Epiphany suddenly each of our days sees a bit more sun! Daria’s teacher used these 12 days in her family life to paint together as a family… and when they are together (now children are 28 and 33!) they still often paint together. Amazing!


I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to a bit more sunlight come January. E for Earth… dig in it, find bugs, smell it, it is rich! It brings forth so much food and goodness. Today I am grateful for Earth. And for those who conceived me, thus beginning my life here on Earth!



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