D is for Daunting

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to cook. Yup, it’s true. Sometimes I have no food plan whatsoever and the thought of 5 hungry mouths and NO IDEAS is daunting. Other times I have usually made grandiose plans the night before, like my idea last night to make these Nutty Yam Waffles (recipe below):

IMG_0795 IMG_0798

And then I wake up and, the thought of all this effort makes me GROAN. There, I said it. Sometimes I don’t want to cook. At least not EXACTLY when all the little hungry mouths need me to! Do I spend 1/3 or 1/2 of my available time on food?

Shopping, preparing, menu planning of meals, snacks, hubby lunches, preserving excess, making treats/holiday themes, fermenting, ensuring nothing “expires” in my fridge, putting leftovers away (Thankfully my hubby agreed to be the dish man YEARS ago, as long as I kept cooking this way). This source claims the North American average is HALF HOUR a day on these activities. Shocking.

My trouble is I LOVE EATING! I am addicted to wholesome, local, real food that to me says “eat me”. It’s true. I have a hard time settling for anything less. My body knows. My heart knows. And, my kids are starting to make the connection too (addicts in training!). I am passionate about EATING. And so I must cook to keep up!

Yes, stuck with my own dedication, and not being a millionaire (at which point I could afford to eat these types of foods, pre-ch-effed up by someone else! yah!). Sooner or later (today it was later) I must buckle down and throw ingredients together! This afternoon, my family happily designed our garlic patch, while I mostly mucked about with… yup, FOOD! Isn’t their creation beautiful???

IMG_0802 IMG_0799 IMG_0803

Daria (she’s hiding… see if you can find her!) and Janelle each constructed their own “house”. Awesome. “Supper” (as Stefan says) became a favorite eggplant dish (for 2nd time) and hearty, harvest stuffed squash… bit by bit, a few steps here and there, and a trip to the grocery store for the week’s supplies… et voila:

IMG_0806 IMG_0807

I am pleased to say Daria, at 6, gobble the stuffed squash – as her sister left hers aside, Daria said astoundedly “what’s wrong with this meal!??!”. We also won Stefan over on the filling with some great modeling from Daria!! Janelle ate a lot of sui choy!

P.S. just a disclaimer in bold no less (I hope you read this far): I am more than happy to eat ANY VEGGIE MEAL someone else makes… so pleasant, so relaxing, so FUN!!! Awesome dichotomy. My addiction is all my own… as they say “don’t try this at home”

 Nutty Yam Waffles (Variation from Simply in Season): 1/2c coconut oil (melted, topped up with organic butter if I feel like it), 2c yams (cooked and mashed), 6 eggs (beat whites separately, I love fluff), 2 c milk (I used coconut milk, but any will do), 1c flour (I used whole spelt), 1c rolled oats (finely ground, I bought mine like this), 1c walnuts or pecans, 2 Tbsp baking powder (this is a LOT, go light), 1 tsp salt. Directions: I mixed my oats, flour, milk the night before so it can soak making grains much more easily digested (who knew?!?! this is new for me), then I mixed in the rest of the ingredients including the melted oil, and 6 egg yolks (don’t put the yolks right in the hot oil they will cook!). LAST I lightly stir in the egg white. I grease my non-stick waffle iron, at least the first time, just for good measure on these… and I cook them 2x as long as regular waffle batter (for me takes each batch from 1.5 to 3 min). Questions? Just ask. These are DYNAMITE!


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