C is for Cooperation

In our family we have a ditty that goes like this: “working together to get something done, sharing the work makes it easy and MUCH MORE FUN!”. This came from a book  we picked up long ago that now is missing pages from being so well loved.

Cooperation in cooking & gardening is no exception. When my children ask “Can I help?” in the kitchen, I aim to always answer “yes, of course!”. The girls can now grate, peel, set tables, chop, crack eggs, and all the kids like to stir, add ingredients, or just climb up on chairs/stools and watch the food action:


What the pictures don’t show is that usually they end up upset that someone else added the ingredient they wanted to add, got to stir longer, or they push each other off the stool, taking ownership of their space… but it is all good learning! Mediating it can be tiring… and slow down the process… but the answer should still always be “yes!”. These are industrious beings!

At the end of our busy day, our new routine is to curl up in the dark by the fireplace for books. Stefan loves his new “baby” lying next to him, and we all enjoy the string of pumpkin lights we picked up at a garage sale! Awesome find!


P.S. If you want a craft to cooperate on today, try this one – I did at work today and it was super fun! Only I called them ghosts not mummies. Then we had a ghost picnic!


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