A is for Apples


I decided to aim for the next 26 blog posts to cover the ABC’s of food/gardening.

We started our day filling these crepes (recipe at bottom) with mounds of homemade applesauce. We make ours in the slow cooker, overnight. We use those apple peeling gadgets And Kurt makes a batch before heading to bed (I am usually long asleep!). The children munch apple after apple after apple… fresh, sometimes cut, sometimes peeled and cut, or just whole. There is so much to do with apples! Recently I baked chunks of squash with chunks of apple. I have also done baked apples. Daria’s class made dried apple stars by cutting the apple along its equator in slices, and then removing the flesh you can eat to make star shapes. We brought an apple on our pre-nap neighborhood walk today going down our street (if the street continued it would descend to ocean):


Crepes: 1.5c milk (I used combo of almond, coconut, and dairy), 1c flour (I used spelt, half whole and half light), 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 TBSP oil, 2 TBSP sugar (I used coconut sugar). Mix it all up. Let it rest (I did it the night before). Heat pan quite hot, grease (I used butter) and spoon out the batter, swirling it over the pan. Doesn’t need to cook long. Then flip et voila!


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