World Food Day & My 100th Post!

Is it any coincidence that World Food Day, the end of my 5 weeks of grain-free, dairy-free vegetarian living, AND my 100th post landed all on the same day!?!


I feel energized, and not just from the java I made this morning in the mug my caring husband gave me when we first moved here 6 months (minus 11 days) ago.

A lovely chat with my friend C last night, a morning chat with my longest time friend N, and a snail mail received from kindred spirit CC. A fall walk with my 2 youngest children in our neighborhood, with filtered sun and a light breeze blowing falling leaves through the forested path. I thought: how else can I commemorate such a splendid day?

I came up with 2 things. FIRST: Make Whitewater Cooks Energy Balls (recipe below), first given to me as a gift when Stefan was born from bosom buddy J, with a lovely inscription encouraging me to eat them as an energizing middle-of-the-night breastfeeding snack! woo hoo! That is living it up for me. I did just that. Here are the ingredients today. I usually melt the butters and honey together:

IMG_0759 IMG_0756

Mix up all the dry in a bowl. While Stefan is busy with a bowlful of flakes & yogurt:

IMG_0757 IMG_0760

Then stir it all together, finishing by forming by hand, and then rolling into balls and dusting with toasted coconut:


SECOND: I am almost 37 years old and I have NEVER cut so much as a strand of my own hair. Never. I would not even dream of it. I must have a super healthy respect for authority; or a complete lack of confidence in my own creative energies. Or both. I haven’t had a cut since March. So…

Today, I quite enjoyed the thrill of snipping into my own mass of tangles… and found – WOW, I could get quite passionate about this new hobby! Stay tuned for a pixie cut or other disastrous ending… but for now I am happy to say I knew when to say when (just don’t breathe a word of this to my girls, I don’t want to give them any ideas… have already found Janelle snipping bits of her own hair!).

IMG_0761   IMG_0766

How does this connect to world food day? In more ways than one. First, the $50 or more I saved… will help foot the bill for my new weekly Harvest box from Alderlea Farm. No Superstore or Chain veggies for this family. Every penny towards sustainability helps. Second, acting outside the box is a practice. One of my favorite quotes from my favorite C8 bookclub: It isn’t enough to THINK outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to ACTING outside the box.”

In 6 months I’ll schedule another self-trim!

Whitewater Cooks ENERGY balls (variation): 1c of each: sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oats (i finished up some fresh milled ones from my foodie hero D), chocolate chips, raisins, dried cranberries, plus 1/2c cocoa powder, 2c nut butters (hence the 2 empty jars!), 1/2c honey and 1.5c coconut. I reserve about half the coconut for rolling, the rest goes in the balls. You can toast the seeds and coconut if you like that taste. Up to you! You can also of course change the dried fruit depending on what you have around. Keeps in fridge for 1 week, freezer 1 month (if you don’t gobble them in one day!).


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