Girls and BBQ Bonanza Thanksgiving

IMG_0666 IMG_0684

Today I give thanks for my girls. Truly, I am grateful to spend every one of my days with you. Your company means the world to me. Daria, you have grown much since we first started baking together… I am grateful for your tenacity and culinary interest. Janelle, you are a natural, hands-on explorer… I am grateful for your curiosity and endless independent pursuits. I just finished a book a while back: celebrating girls.

Today I celebrate my girls. I am typically a gender-neutral parent (or strive to be) and, yet, this book has expanded my thinking and made me realize the importance of celebrating our femininity together. I am thankful you each take huge leaps every day:

IMG_0687 IMG_0686

And this weekend we have extra cause for celebration as both of your baptism birthdays fall around this special Thanksgiving weekend. I pray, that one day when this fig tree grows to be full and rich of fruit, we will continue to celebrate together. Today, and everyday, I am grateful for you, my girls. You are simply extraordinary.

IMG_0675 IMG_0679

Here is the harvest BBQ feast we can enjoy together tonight as we wrap up our dairy-free, grain-free 5 weeks – tofu, onions, zucchini, and portabellos (beet discs already on the grill!). We prepared for this with a huge feast of afternoon chocolate-infused breakfast cookies.


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