Spaghetti Squash Wednesday

IMG_0629   IMG_0631

Wednesday afternoon we take Daria to her music class at our church hall, with lovely teacher Marilyn, who also is a gem at teaching harp. We have a climb on the railings after class.

I was lacking inspiration tonight for the start of my 5th (and final!) week of grain-free dairy-free vegetarian living. I have been near 100% on this… and it is a challenge! Today we were inspired by farm fresh eggs at the roadside. I only had a $20 bill and there were only 3 dozen eggs at $3.75 each that meant I needed to supplement with the rest of what was there… $1 each spaghetti squash and eggplant. I ended up with 7 eggplant. I NEVER COOK EGGPLANT!

IMG_0641 IMG_0638

As you can see, I managed a colorful spread. I felt like it could have been Thanksgiving with a great spinach salad and signature basil dressing, made a few days ago. Spaghetti squash mixed with tomatoes. And the most WONDERFUL eggplant dish I have EVER made! I will write out the recipe tomorrow, but I am short on time… Kurt out at a course tonight and Janelle happily winding up bits of yarn here next to me. She is a super happy, super industrious, lovely middle child.

As you can see, everyone got into scooping out the spaghetti squash, which I baked whole at 350F (SO easy!) and then allowed to cool while we were at music class, cut in half, scooped and composted the seeds… and the girls did the rest! That’s my kind of meal:

IMG_0632 IMG_0636




One thought on “Spaghetti Squash Wednesday

  1. congratulation Diana on your committment on the dairy/grainfree diet. Yes a very colorful table you had there. I love eggplant but for some reason haven’t gotten too many this year. It’s probably my favorite vegetable! I generally just make a ratatoui – stew with tomatoes onions and garlic.

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