O My Soul


Woke up without a lot in my tank today. Pulled the covers up over my head. Somewhere in my sleep I had a vision of going through my girls’ artwork today. Sunday-Funday in our home, I always aim to do less “work” and more “family first” activities. So, during quiet time, I invited Daria to join me on a project to recycle, reuse, file away or frame all the bits of artwork around the house. The one above I found particularly inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, a solo singer, M, at our church today stood up with his young teenage daughter and sang  this song. Somehow I felt I could have sat and listened to this gentleman sing all day… filling my soul right up from the inside out. As he sang, my son played with the Rev Deb’s dog, gently holding his hand out for the pup to smell. Deb was surrounded by children, and a tear rolled down her cheek. Beautiful.

Art, music,… and chocolate! My soul sure needed to overdose on all 3 today.


This recipe is grain-free and dairy-free brownies. Quick, delicious. Remarkably… CHOCOLATE! Yumm, perfect to wrap up 2 hours of sorting arwork! Here are a couple more gems (2 of Daria’s plus one of Stefan’s first paintings):

IMG_0605   IMG_0598  IMG_0602

Stay tuned for Janelle’s…


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