Stirfry Friday


Last night we tried this stirfry from ReBar Cookbook. We have been making this recipe regularly since 2007… if you haven’t tried it it, it is a must do!

Today I head out for my Saturday work day… one child to play with in Duncan, drive to Victoria, one child to meet there, shop at MEC for more kids’ raingear, and home time. This company I work for uses initials for confidentiality, so in all my reports instead of Daria I would right DaSh and Janelle would become JaSh and Stefan StSh. So I thought I would give that a whirl in my blog today to see what it feels like…

IMG_0596 This is DaSh enjoying play with a mouse house this morning. Her mouse is eating acorns. She recently said she wishes she could see friends C, A, and L because there is a HUGE tree near there house with piles and piles and piles of acorns to collect.

JaSh has also been enjoying her acorns, which come along in a little bag to dinner time, to the van, and various other places…


StSh is just getting going on his morning, reading his favorite book “Twinkle Twinkle” and getting a diaper change. Lovely to spend the morning with you three – DaSh, JaSh, and StSh.

I am sorry to all the families I work with who must see these acronyms everywhere in my writing instead of their children’s given names. What a loss of beauty.


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